Hey! I will be using the at home IPL system from HappySkinCo.com and writing a lengthy, honest review of the experience and my results here! Check back weekly for updates!

I began my at home IPL journey after scouring Groupon for some laser hair removal deals. I’d used Groupon in the past for this service, and loved my experience. The catch? They give you a limited number of sessions and upcharge you for the additional sessions you’ll need to truly rid yourself of hair growth, so truthfully, you save nothing. Suddenly, an instacelebrity I follow posted on her IG stories about her experience using Happy Skin Co’s at home IPL system. Of course, I couldn’t take her word for it (she had an affiliate code at the end of her tribute to them). I searched the internet high and low for reviews hoping to find more. I came across a blog (can’t remember the name now), where she not only spoke about her honest opinion, but showed progress pictures. Convincing enough to make me pull my credit card out swiftly and decide I wanted to try it! As a busy mom of two – one being a 6 month old – I rarely get to pamper myself with nice long showers filled with music, candles, and womanscaping. I was sold. So here I am, conducting a slight experiment in the hopes that I can help my fellow women with an on-the-go lifestyle achieve the silky smooth, low-maintenance skin of their dreams.

The HappySkinCo IPL System retails for $229.00 USD and ships free. Use the code HAPPY for $30 off! (not an affiliate code)

Let’s see how this goes! Update coming soon 🙂

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