New moms/dads, fear not! I have come to bear you a gift. The gift of security. As a new mother myself, I am no stranger to the constant worry and paranoia that having a newborn brings. Thankfully, I got to go through my journey with my sister and friends who all recently gave birth as well, and fortunately, my sister’s husband is a tech savvy research guru who always finds awesome products and he did not disappoint when he recommended this one. Some of you may have seen my Instastory on this monitor before, and that is because I truly love this product, the Arlo Baby!

Let’s start with the basics, the Arlo Baby usually retails for $199.99 and I purchased mine from Amazon. It’s definitely pricier than most monitors, but before you take out your pitchforks and torches, hear me out!! Also, keep reading and I’ll hook you up with a discount 😉 This monitor does EVERYTHING (except change poopy diapers for you 😦 sorry). To simplify your life, let me provide you with the manufacturer’s list of features and a short video!

I also want to add that it allows you to listen to the monitor from your phone while it is locked so you don’t burn your battery. I usually have the sound on while I sleep and my phone charges overnight. Trust me when I say: THANK ME LATER. This monitor has made my life so much easier. I’ll admit, I’m a paranoid mom. Now I can watch him from my phone and zoom in on his stomach to make sure he’s breathing from my phone (yes, I’m that crazy.)

The Arlo Baby is actually on sale now on Amazon, but you can use this link below to get it even cheaper for $168.99!

Arlo Baby Monitor | Smart WIFI Baby Camera 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Works with Amazon Alexa, HomeKit (ABC1000)

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  1. erikadee13 says:

    I wish I had seen this when I was looking at baby monitors! I eventually got overwhelmed and just bought whatever was at Target 😂 I might have to switch

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tracyvende says:

      It is definitely a game changer! I can’t imagine life without it lol


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