Good morning, all! So I wanna do a little mini series about these online luxury consignment stores. I know a lot of people are wary about them, but it’s really not as bad as you think (depending on which site you use).

This week, I’ll be talking about Tradesy. I will begin by saying that it has its pros and cons, but it’s definitely not my favorite out of all the sites I’ve shopped.

All items on the site are labeled “Gently Used”, “Like New”, or “New With Tags”. Honestly, anything labeled “Gently Used” has usually been very harshly used and in awful condition. Some of the things I’ve seen I can’t even understand why they’d allow it on their site. I’ve seen super old Louis bags in such terrible condition that they’d be embarrassing to wear. When searching, I always stick to “Like New” or “New With Tags” and I inspect the photos and read the descriptions thoroughly. One cool thing about the site is they work with Affirm. If you’re not familiar with what Affirm is, it’s an option at checkout that you can select to take out a small loan just for the purchase of items on certain websites. So if you can’t, or don’t want, to drop a large amount of cash on a purse all at once, you don’t have to. Depending on the length of your loan and the amount of your purchase, the interest is not so bad.

I’ve personally had 4 transactions with Tradesy. My first purchase was a belt that I bought as a gift. When I received it, it was in great condition, however, it wasn’t going to be the right size so I had to send it back. The cool thing about Tradesy is, they partnered with stores all over and have “Happy Returns” sites. This means you can go to any store they’ve partnered with and receive instant credit for your return. Now here’s the downside, in most cases, you can only receive credit. In some cases, you can’t return or receive anything at all. Pretty risky when you’re buying something pre-owned. The other thing I didn’t like, and I could be wrong, is that I don’t believe they inspect the items themselves before they allow the seller to ship the item to you. Again, I could be wrong, but from what I read there is no pre-inspection or authentication. It seems to go off an honor system and if you receive a product you believe to be fake, you can report it and get a full refund. I also was lead to believe I was receiving items direct from the seller because it was packaged with marketing material for the seller. That makes me a bit uncomfortable. There are other sites (which I’ll discuss at a later date) who inspect the item and authenticate it before it ships to you. If I’m spending a large amount of money, I’d prefer some reassurance. Anyways, I purchased another belt in the right size and I have been pretty pleased with that purchase and the condition of the belt. It looked brand new and even still had some of the protective stickers on the buckle. After this, I purchased another belt (for myself) and my transaction had gotten canceled because they suspected it wasn’t authentic. Not quite sure how they figured this out. Finally, my last purchase was for some Ray Bans. Those were labeled “New With Tags” and they seemed legit. They came in the box, with the case, and I did some research on how to verify if Ray Bans were legit and these glasses passed the test. I was pretty please with the purchase.

Overall, I’d say I did receive things I was happy with, and the prices were great, but Tradesy is not my favorite online luxury consignment store. There are better ones out there that allow you to make purchases you can feel comfortable with! We’ll get to my favorite one next week 🙂

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