Good morning all! I have so many ideas and so much planned for my upcoming blog posts and am currently getting together lots of great content. However, people have been asking a lot of questions about two things: my DIY Dip Powder blog and my progress with the Happy Skin Co. At Home IPL system! I figured, it’s time for an update. So I’m at week 6 and I have been diligently going about my laser hair removal routine making sure I shave and use the IPL every Saturday or Sunday, however, this week it has been a little tough to find the time to do my legs which are a little more time consuming. Nevertheless, it helped me realize just how much progress I’m making! (I’m hoping I’ll get to it today lol). My armpits, mustache, and feet/toes are completely hair free at this point. My legs are almost completely hair free and the hair that remains grows much slower. Usually about two days after shaving, I would already have stubble. Check out my photo below of my legs two days after shaving!

Silky smooth and hair free!

The progress for my Brazilian is slower, but I’m still impressed. The hair has become very sparse. Overall, I’m happy with the system! I will be giving you guys one last update when I finish my treatment at 12 weeks! If you guys have tried the system yourself, let me know your thoughts/feedback!

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